How to make a home theater with your own hands

The idea of creating a home theater system (hereafter DC) has interested me for quite some time. Previously, it was bundles of old PC, which was around the XBMC and the TV in the living room. Of course with this bunch lacked image's size and sound normal, and connect a full 5.1 system did not allow configuration of the space.

In the midst of another fixation, it was decided to implement this idea. Who cares what happened, I ask under kat.

What I wanted (TK):

— A separate room;
— The big picture;
— Good sound 5.1;
— Your room design;
— Opacity;
— Comfortable fit.

What happened:

room is 4.5 m by 7m, which is almost never used;
team brave guys from Ukraine, to make repairs in another part of the house, ready for "any whim for your shekels";
— The inspiration and desire (without it anywhere).

After discussion with the builders it was decided to strictly divide the room in half. In the end we got 2 rooms 4.5 m to 3.5 m. the List of building materials:

— Gazoblok 10cm;
— Door frame and the door (took the old one out after the demolition of the wall);
— Carpet;
— Paint;
— plaster;
— wiring and sockets.

While construction was going on I went into room design and equipment selection. Having the skill of working in a 3D editor Cinema 4D, modeled from the standard models, the approximate vision of how it will look. Having defined the design, started the hard Smoking of manuals and reviews of speakers, receivers, and projectors.

Making a list of equipment I went for the "Crust" (a large Moscow shopping center of electronics).

Projector OPTOMA HD25-LV:

The performance characteristics of the projector:

— 1080p
— 3D
— contrast 20000:1
— The ratio of distance to image size 1.5:1 — 1.8:1

The store was his theater, which connected projectors for testing: you can verify the correct choice of the projector.
I was lucky and I took the last, as it no longer produced, and now Optoma HD131X.

Audio Wharfedale Obsidian 600 5.0:

Left and right channel: 3-way (1 WOOFER, 2 midrange, 1 tweeter). As the speakers present quite a large WOOFER, the subwoofer, it was decided to leave for later.

Center and rear 2 - way.

Receiver Pioneer VSX-527:

Standard 5.1 receiver at 130W per channel. Anything magical.

The source will be checked an old PHILIPS player and the external drive on 1TB:

Excellent pull even the thickest bitrate movies. So far, the scheme is not very convenient. Connect to your PCs hard disk, download it on film, carry in DC and there is already set up. Now there is an idea to go back to HTPC, fortunately there is a suitable piece of iron from under the case.

— i3 third generation
— 4Gb memory + free slot
— 500GB HDD

Purchase equipment, I began to finish the room since the workers left just white walls and carpet. The walls and ceiling were painted in dark gray color to eliminate reflections back to the screen and increase the contrast of the image. During the painting of the ceiling, roller brush "the artist" could not poizvraschatsya and cause a couple of logos on the ceiling in front of the projector, so it won't look so lonely.

The projector is mounted on a universal bracket with ball joint.

The next step was the layout of the screen on the wall. As the funds approached zero, the screen didn't want to spend money at all. It was decided, as always in the style of DIY. Purchased Board, black paint and fasteners. On the wall was marked region on image size, and the paint didn't get there. Cut boards, made the frame, painted and mounted on the wall — ready. The wall is made of plasterboard and has a perfectly smooth surface, so the picture is very clear.

Along the way, dragged a sofa where you can sit and if you want to break it — get a proper bed.

The problem of the light from the window decided to order blackout curtains. I made of of 3 layers:

1 — tulle "aluminum" color.
2 — green dense material (given as residue);
3 — basic grey dense shade.

As a side not solar, then closed the curtains — even a day — you can't even see their hands.

After placing the wiring in the baseboards were collected for all components of the system and adjust image and sound calibration. Of course, no normal sound in this box with bare walls can not speak, but we'll fix that up later.

Cabinets yet, because it will be too DIY, it will include: a subwoofer, shelves for equipment and an under Cabinet HTPC.

Below is a video of how it all works.

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Summary ofResults of works impressed and gave forces for further work in this direction. It turned out a great system where you can watch movies/play with friends at any time of the day.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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