Design the heating system a country house. Where to start?

Our man likes comfort, and even more than any European. Yes, we are not going to spend the winter with indoor temperature +18°C, while the Thrifty Germans capable of it. No, but really, if our side, who had been visiting a resident of Germany in winter will confirm that they go around the house in thick sweaters and hot tea in his hands. I must say that in our country this happens. But often not because of the economy, and a correctly working heating system.


What errors we had not seen in many years of our work in Russia. It is the lack of insulation in Underfloor heating systems when all the heat was going up and down. It and improperly installed pumps, which interfere with each other and block the whole system. It and incorrectly matched diameters of pipes and valves, which led not only to noise but also to insufficient heating of the heating devices (batteries). And people spent money on equipment and not small. That's why we decided to write this article, so to speak, on the fingers to explain why we need to start thinking through the heating system a country house.

How to make the house warm? The main rule engineers

So you've decided to build a house. What do you first think? That's right, appearance. They instantly draw a picture: here it is – your beautiful house with a spacious terrace and neatly manicured lawn on which your kids frolic.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. What about the winter? We also want the winter to stay warm. And this is better to think in advance.

When it is necessary to start thinking about engineering the Affairs of a man building himself a country house?

Our answer – from the very beginning. Namely, since the choice of designs of walls, roof, floors.

Remember the main rule of engineering: the better the house is insulated, the less money you will need to heat the equipment at the start, and the less will be your monthly payments for heating. How the house will be warm, depends not only on the thickness of the walls, but also on the characteristics of the materials. Because the thermal conductivity coefficients from the same building blocks of the foam can differ by tens of percent. Walls, floors, roofs, Windows, doors, – through all these designs the warmth of the house will tend to leak. And yet, not everyone knows that a decent amount of heat the house loses through ventilation, approximately 20 to 30 percent.

So today in Europe are actively developing the institutions of Passive House (passive house) in order to make mass construction of buildings with minimal energy consumption.

Stages of design of the heating system. Why the boiler is bought latest?

About the constructive building we talked. We now proceed to engineering systems.

Many future owners of country houses are starting selection of components of the heating system with the heating boiler. That is the wrong approach. A competent engineer begins design of the heating system is always in the following order:

A. Determines the heat loss in each room of the cottage, and then sums them up to calculate the total thermal energy demand.

B. Asks the owner: what is the air temperature and the floor must be maintained in the home, in what rooms need radiant floor heating, and in which the heating will be using batteries.

V. Based on the data, determines the heat sources in each room and their power.

G. Explains the need for hot water, which depends on the number of points of demand and residents in the house.

D. only after he found out necessary to house the amount of heat the boiler picks up power. What boiler will you have a basic gas, electric or solid fuel – you choose based on the available sources of energy. Importantly, its performance covers the demand for heat, given the temperature in the house, in the coldest period of winter.

So – the boiler last? Yes, it is!


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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