In life necessarily comes a time when you yourself raise the bar

In life necessarily comes a time when you yourself raise the bar.

Intentionally or accidentally.
On a belt or on the shoulders.
And all of a sudden jump.
Not giving value, having particular tactics and not really knowing how to land properly.

And then been unable to repeat that jump.

Wait for the support of a coach, a favorable time of year, a fair wind and the return of the wrong fortune.

Remember what he was wearing that day and what kind of sole has been the shoes.

Cross your fingers, spit over your left shoulder, praying, cursing, they hope the joints and increase the takeoff distance.

In vain.
In vain.
Not solved.

And retreat. Try other sports. Listen to all-knowing. Read Almighty. Friends with the Champions and give advice to newcomers.
And he is shaking. Trembling cheeks, shaking knees, shivering by fear, who settled near the liver, crushing it with my small cold fists.

You can't taste food, power, water and joy kiss. The air itself becomes hateful to you as soon as I remember on his plate.

It would be better as before...
Plain and simple.
Not above the knee.
And in the stands cheering.
Again another twenty times. And then well-deserved rest.

But suddenly, you become still.
Looking or busy with their own Affairs.
Clap your hands or throw in your tomatoes.
And is there anyone there in the stands.

Close your eyes and jump.
To lose in this attempt you have nothing.
In addition to himself.
And you are so exhausted that a small loss becomes possible.

At the moment when not a pity, not terrible, and by and large, not interested in the result, you jump.


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In life necessarily comes a time when you start with your eyes closed calmly step over their overpriced bar. The main thing — not to relax and again to pick it up. Intentionally or accidentally.published


Author: Elena Andreichikova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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