Electromyography a 50% reduction in spending on fuel

Garbage trucks are one of the least efficient modes of transport on urban roads. They use diesel fuel and spent 94 litres per 100 km. So the garbage trucks burn fuel to $42 000 per year. Do not forget about the environment — this type of freight transport produces 20 times more carbon emissions than the average American family. During the day the garbage truck is making about 1,000 stops and passing at 210 km per day.

All these factors point to only one thing — the electrification of the transport suction just need. According to Ian Wright, founder of Wrightspeed and former Vice President for development at Tesla, after 5 years, all trucks will use electric traction.

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Startup Wright, Wrightspeed is developing power units for trucks. They are based on batteries, and built-in natural gas turbine that recharges the battery. Charging is done automatically every half hour.

In contrast, trucks on diesel and natural gas hybrid electric vehicle of this type produces less emissions and spend much less fuel.

In Wrightspeed claim that their development will allow 50% reduction in fuel costs and reduce wear of the internal combustion engine.

The average cost of truck transportation is $150 000-$230 000. System from Wrightspeed will cost $150 000, but this amount will be repaid in three years.

Wrightspeed made a deal for $30 million with the new Zealand shipping company. Together they will develop electric buses. Also the startup has already signed contracts on cooperation with FedEx and garbage-disposal companies. In addition, the company intends to supply its power plant, the military, mining and port companies.

Another player in the market heavyweights is Nikola Motor, which also develops trucks on electric with auxiliary engine on natural gas. The company promises to present the first working prototype of the truck Nikola One in December this year. In June, the startup has set its first record and received more than 7,000 pre-paid orders worth $2.3 billion.

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Source: hightech.fm/2016/08/06/wrightspeed


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