Facts about the psychological characteristics of a person that will surprise You

The human mind remains one of the biggest mysteries for researchers. However, in the world, every day there are some open, and the world of psychology is no exception.

1. When it comes to the placebo effect on health, it was discovered that capsules are more effective than pills, and injections are often more effective than capsules (on the basis of how positive therapeutic effect has placebo)

2. The placebo effect works even when people knowingly accept the substance without a clear therapeutic properties.

3. Much longer people can go without food than without sleep.

4. Even a small noise will make your pupils dilate.

5. By 60 years you will lose half of their taste buds.

6. If the saliva will not dissolve any food, you will not be able to feel its taste.

7. Our brain constantly interacts with our stomach. So our emotions, especially negative, affect the well-being of our stomach.

8. With the advent of the Internet, fewer people are turning to religion.

9. Chewing gum activates the memory, allowing you to earn high scores in tests.

10. Purple or the color lavender has a calming effect. Especially good to use it in the bedroom.

11. According to the teachings of Freud's stages of psychosexual personality development, the phallic stage, children become interested in their genitals, the genitals of their parents and friends. At this stage, girls, having had no male sexual organ, you begin to experience the so-called "penis envy", accompanied by a feeling of resentment.

12. Our short-term memory has much more limited capacity than we thought. The duration of storage of information in short term memory is 20 seconds, and it can only handle 5 to 9 things at once.

13. The color red makes a man more sexually attractive to the opposite sex, and the men in blue have greater appeal for women.

14. Most people have a tendency to delayed judgments, that is, they have a tendency to predict the outcome of an event before it happened.

15. It is estimated that the average person thinks 70 thousand thoughts daily.

16. To form a new habit on average will take 66 days.

17. If the person looks you in the eye 60% of the time of the conversation, he was bored, 80% – he likes you, 100% – he threatens you.

18. Excessive stress can alter brain cells, structure and function.

19. Words to use when questioning witnesses to describe what they had seen events that can affect how they in future will remember this event.

20. The sensation of falling that sometimes occurs before a dream, in fact due to the fact that we are too quick to fall asleep, and our brain thinks we die. Therefore, there is a feeling as if the brain makes a shock.

21. If you have a bad mood, fake a smile will help you to feel much better and even make you happier.

22. Clear skin, bright big eyes, pink lips and shiny hair not only attract men and are an indicator of health, but are an indication that a woman can become a suitable partner for procreation.

23. Not necessarily that a person suffering from OCD, is a germaphobe (someone who is afraid of Contracting germs through contact with another person or object). This disorder is associated with Intrusive, unwanted thoughts and associations of unconnected events.

24. When you yawn, and immediately after that yawns someone else, it means that you watched and/or he likes you.

25. It is a myth that humans only use 10% of our brains at any given time. In fact, we can use at a time, about 35% of our brain.

26. When we are fully focused on the execution of a task, our brain blocks other things, causing us not to notice anything around him. This is called selective attention.

27. In some people the brain produces more chemicals than others. That's why some people are more emotional than others.

28. Intelligence, to a certain extent depends on heredity.

29. On the one hand, the placebo effect can make a person think that he is recovering, but on the other hand, it could backfire. If a person will take medication, which does not need when they do he's going to need medication will not work, even if they are true.

30. According to T. Chamorro-Premuzic and E. Farnham, certain character traits, not mental abilities can affect academic performance. In fact, a conscientious, but closed introverts typically show higher academic achievement results than others.

31. Our reflex reaction does not control the head and the spinal cord. The nerves that run through the spine, comes to the rescue when the body needs a lightning reaction, for example, when touching something hot.

32. Members of the same family smell the same. That is why man can not procreate with their loved ones. It is the natural way of nature to avoid genetic mutations.

33. In addition to the sex appeal of the color red can also be a sign of aggression and scare people away.

34. In the brain itself has no pain receptors. This fact allows neurosurgeons to perform on it the operation when the patient is awake. During this manipulation the essential feedback from the patient, so as not to damage important areas of the brain, for example, those who are responsible for it. published


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