School, nostalgic

September 1, all children went to school. I read the news, as much nostalgia broke out.

In fact, from school, I made the following body of knowledge:


1) all girls in the world, besides me, there are figure skates.

2) number of the journal easily fixed at four and three — five (if the top flourish slightly to clean up bitochki).

3) the Need for bartocci will disappear, if the burn cool the log in the hole in the transformer box.

4) "LM" and "Shi" write a letter "and".

5) Earrings, nylon stockings, and the watch is worn only a fallen woman.

6) The best crib in the world is this: take a black plastic pencil case with hinged lid, the lid with a pencil to write the formula. Placed on a table, insolently charged. Graphite on black background is only visible when looking at it from a certain angle, so if the pencil case to put things right, the teacher won't notice.

7) "do Not" with verbs is written separately.

8) Children are not born from kissing.

9) Children who do not have a change of footwear does not have the right to go to school.

10) The coolest chops is purple, the coolest calendars is "city", the coolest stamps are triangular.

11) in the canteen If your place was between children with the same name, can make a wish it will come true.

12) the Desire will come true if 30 times rewrite the chain letter and send it to your friends.

13) If you fall on the head of dirty chalk rag, you automatically become a "sifoe", that is, patients with syphilis. To recover from this is possible only in one way: to throw dirty chalk cloth on the head my friend.

14) IDA ditties remembered much faster Pushkin's poems.

15) If you say the gym teacher code phrase "today I Have holidays," he let go of the lesson.

16) Science is still unknown why a person needs a wisdom tooth, why the dinosaurs became extinct and why the proletariat of America will not overthrow their bourgeoisie and healed as we are.

17) Name-calling "sheep" is much more offensive than the "goat", "goat" offensive "sheep". The most offensive name-calling is "cock".

18) If processing a file oktyabryatskaya star can be a star Sheriff.


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19) If a boy starts to hit you, call you names and put you in a briefcase stuffed hedgehog from the study of biology, so he fell in love.

20) the Integrals it is best to take Kawainui. Where it takes them Kovyazina, science is also unknown. But the teachers like.published




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