Pain in the joints and the gut: what is the connection

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that develops due to wear and tear of the joints. As a result, inflammation develops, pain in the joints, and their mobility is limited.

Although in the course of research experts managed to identify some of the risk factors that trigger the emergence of this disease, still cannot with complete clarity to establish a direct cause of arthritis.

Scientists focused on finding the main causes of joint problems, I decided to pay attention to such a potential cause of arthritis as the bacteria residing in our intestines. No one had tried to trace this relationship.

In the result it was observed that some species of bacteria living in our intestines, can cause various joint diseases. In particular, this applies to rheumatoid arthritis.

Also, these bacteria can cause changes in the immune system, causing the development of other chronic diseases.

Can bacteria in the gut cause joint pain?

During the study, conducted in 2013, Dr. josé cher (rheumatologist at new York University in USA) noticed that patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis more often than healthy people, found in the gut bacterium Prevotella copri.

In October of the same year, josé cher, another study was conducted, in which the doctor concluded that, suffering from psoriatic arthritis people to have fewer beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Such studies are part of extensive research work, which employs scientists from various countries of the world.

The object of their scientific interest is the value of the microbiome (community of microbes inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract of man) for General human health.

In the human gut lives up to one billion different bacteria. Total weight of these microorganisms ranges from one to three pounds.

In recent years, researchers came to the conclusion that the value of these bacteria to human health is very large. So, some of them can trigger the development of various diseases, while others protect our body.

Intestinal microflora and the immune system

Immunologist Veena Taneja from the Mayo clinic in Rochester (mn) believes that such microorganisms are able to influence our immune system and can be associated with various diseases.

It can be not only bowel diseases, but also diseases of other organs. Joint pain — one of such problems.

Scientists were surprised by this fact, because nobody could imagine that living in our gut microorganisms are able to so strongly influence the human immune system.

In the last decades significantly increased the number of cases of autoimmune diseases. Many scientists attribute this trend to changes in the ecosystem of bacteria caused by the modern way of life.

Does the bacterium Prevotella copri joint pain

Value of bacteria and microbes for intestinal health is very large. And wadimena in the intestine concentrated two-thirds of the cells of the human immune system.

During digestion these microorganisms are constantly fighting off foreign microbes that get into our gut with food. The goal of this struggle is to distinguish the right from harmful microorganisms and neutralize the latter.

To fight off bad bacteria our gut has a well-developed immune system, which affects the work of other organs and systems of the human body.

Cells of the immune system in the intestine, are able to activate inflammatory processes in the human body, including in joints.

According to josé cher, the bacterium Prevotella copri can cause a reaction of the immune system in the human body, which can later lead to joint pain.

There is another theory on this account, according to which this type of bacteria replace the beneficial micro-organisms of the intestine, causing our immune system weakens.

The latter theory has more number of supporters. The fact that the survey people with a higher number of Prevotella Sergio noticed that the level of Bacteroides fragilis in their body was below normal.

Bacteroides fragilis is one of the necessary for the human body of microorganisms, which affects the human immune system.


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The results of this great work initiated the new research, the purpose of which is to develop strategies that would use bacteria to treat diseases of the immune system.

Already, many medical experts recommend the use of probiotics (beneficial to our body bacteria) to restore the intestinal flora, the treatment of acne, insomnia and other diseases that can be caused by disorders of the bacterial flora of the intestine.published





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