Complex way

Sometimes we choose the hard way, because... I'm afraid.

I'm afraid the other options, even the best that the best option can we fail, someone- Yes, and we — no.

Although it would be very cool to have happened. And difficulties and so we have to constantly deal with.

And it is a veiled excuse for us why we decided on something better. Something that would turn out, but we didn't even try.

And that is a shame, because it would be too hard. But the result is quite different. And time. The time spent is different, and... different.

Everything we tried what felt passionately wanted, what did not dare, chicken out, back off, it all — our incident of life, not our life lived, not opportunities, not the incident we have not lived we have not implemented we.

We can't lose, because for every its launch, the wind speed and direction. So nobody guide with "bell tower" of the way.


Causes in the past

There is just something that happens


Pull one thread of fabric netting and point it exactly to a tee on the other, and the integrity is violated, and the price of the fabric is equal to the culling.

The life of each of us is valued for its honey.

Are you sure you did everything? published

© Tatiana Baruch




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