You need a Prodigy or Adequate child?

You need a Prodigy or Adequate child?


Identity and sense of self is formed very early, by three years. Already at this age children often resist the push of the adults, forced them to what they want to do. And if adults show stubborn persistence, the child may develop an aversion for many years that perhaps a different approach would have made the happiness of his whole life.

Coercion is the worst way of learning

Therefore, a sensitive and intelligent parents noticing certain abilities of the child, striving to arouse his interest in this activity.

To cause this interest, it is important to create the necessary conditions. For example, in order to have a child, there was a desire to draw around him should be enough pens and paper. In order to have a child had a desire to play music, it needs often to hear the music, watch the game into the tools of other children. It is useless to expect to have the baby, there was a desire for something, if the conditions for it are not created.

The same principle works in the case of preparing the child for school. Recently, there is a clear desire of parents to early learning children to read and write. And if a child is not taught to read and write by 5 years old – it's almost a universal tragedy! All the time! Much more useful for further learning in school to develop the child's interest in nature and human relations, ability to perceive and absorb new information.

If the family leads an active lifestyle, engaging and child in the scope of their interests, if in the family there is respect and mutual support, if the question "Why?" happy to give explanations – the child is psychologically ready for discipleship. And it will become fertile ground in which teachers sow "reasonable, kind, eternal".published


Author: Lyudmyla Andrievska


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Interesting and easy learning of the child

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