The explosion in the cabin Lancer

The text of the host machine, "I bought here nedvno fresh grapefruit juice in a plastic bottle. Half drunk and left the bottle in the cabin for the night. I sit drinking coffee in the morning, suddenly I hear: boom! pew-pew-pew! Looked out the window - I look my peeps. Well lady, probably someone threw something. I went to have a look. did not see at first. Then he looked into the cabin - eeee !!! All splashed juice, and a hole in the ceiling! Lying on the seat bottle vyrvanym bottom. Kick-Ass.
Now try to bunt with insurance. The car is insured for hull in ROSNO. in particular the risk of damage to the vehicle, which occurred as a result of: accident, * bang ... I applied to the police department - there looked, chuckled, but the application was accepted. Today, waiting for emergency commissioner. »


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