25 teachers who are too cool for my work

The website knows that the teacher is not just a profession, but a real calling. We respect the work of our teachers and in anticipation of the new school year found for you 25 incredibly cool teachers.

The teacher is always in the trend and knows exactly how to captivate their students

Today, our class came a new student.

Here we study the anatomy

A moment of black humour from our master

Who needs those boring lectures?

But our Professor explained why they are needed...

In history lessons we see every day such pictures

Today I received a certificate

We started lectures on the middle Ages

The real teacher is always sincerely believes in the success of their students

My teacher today, all a few were found with the child of one of my classmates

I am sure that there is no one more honest my teacher

The Professor don't want your laser pointer. He is faithful to the old traditions!

Today I returned my test with it...

Our teacher just forgot the keys to the class

The teacher writes every day on the desks motivating messages for their students

I just came to deliver the work...

My teacher sincerely loves us and cherishes every lecture

Our Professor is also always happy to see us and does not hide it

Today at the lecture in English, we've seen this

We now have a new teacher. I think he will be able to win our location

When the teacher is too resourceful

We went back to school and saw that our homeroom teacher with your own hands to make repairs in the classroom

I love his teacher because he does not hide his true emotions

So I immediately learned the entire philosophy of "excellent"

Photo on preview O Viral, imgur.com

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