The tragedy that 10 years

On the night of August 31, 1997, in a car accident, which occurred in an underground tunnel under the square Alma (Paris), was mortally wounded and died shortly Lady Di - Diana, Princess of Wales, the first wife of Prince Charles of Wales, heir to the British throne. Diana was one of the most popular women in the world of his time. In the UK, has always been considered the most popular member of the royal family, it was called the English. Queen of Hearts («queen of hearts" or "queen of hearts"). Actively involved in charitable and peacekeeping activities (in particular, was an activist movement to end the production of anti-personnel mines and AIDS). Diana died in a Paris car crash with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed; Al Fayed and driver Henri Paul died on the spot, Diana, delivered from the scene (in a tunnel under the square Alma on the River Seine) in the Salpetriere hospital, died two hours later.


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