At the parade of students was trampled Russian flag

Mayor witnessed how unprofessional guards parade of students broke a huge Russian flag just before the stage at which the capital congratulated students with the beginning of the new academic year. It all started with the fact that the PGC-sheep began to run up to the young Russian activists who study at universities in Moscow and came to the parade. Without explaining anything, without appearing and without commenting on their actions, they began to wring activists and take their flags. The result was a trial with the organizing committee of the event and the police. "Organizing Committee" began to declare that the young Russian is not the place at the event, the police are not able to prove our guilt even in what some have been forced to admit that against us have nothing, but should carry out the disposal of the organizers and to expel us from the event. Actually this over - several activists were detained and taken to the police department of Tver, though later released - to prove the guilt of a man waving a flag quite difficult.


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