9 brilliant ideas with his own hands: just cut the old jeans and make the most essential things!

Crafts from old jeans is already far hendmeyda news for all fans. But today the revision «Just So!» to share with you the unique ideas that you probably have not seen. Each of them is worthy of the Incarnation!

What can be made of old jeans
With such a charming cover your notebook or diary suddenly transformed! Pay attention to the special pocket, which attracts and put in it a pencil or pen.

Those who are not afraid of challenges and hard work can obbit furniture using denim patches.

What can be better than toys made with their own hands?

This skirt will be the unique element of your wardrobe. For its production need to skirt the basis of dense fabric and old jeans.

Who would have thought that out of old jeans can make a stylish handbag?

Just look how cute kids organizer! With this tool your child will be happy to clean up after yourself toy.

In no case do not throw out denim zipper, they will be an excellent material for the manufacture of stylish bracelets.

Also of jeans lightning can make a wonderful necklace. This decoration will be a highlight of your image.

Who would have thought that from the denim patches You can make a whole blanket on a double bed!

Admit it, the idea of ​​the organizer can do a good service and will become an indispensable attribute of a child's room.

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