This instead of indoor plants grow a rainforest

Facilities, creation of man, is truly amazing. It would seem that we can say: "I have nothing to surprise," as there is something even more insane and scale. So, Dubai architects and designers of the ZAS and Plompmozes designed hotel in which lodged a real forest, and Website happy to share with you this beauty.

Dubai is already famous throughout the world's tallest building, and now there are going to open the first hotel in the world with jungles, waterfalls and wild tropical nature.

This tropical forest will occupy 5 floors of 47 and as much as 23 000 sq. m. Yes, to get lost in this very easily.

For plants will be supported by the necessary climate, and artificial fog and exotic birds will add atmospherics.

Officially, this hotel opened in 2018, and take a walk in the fairy forest will be able to anyone, whether or not the guest.

The sounds of birds, the murmur of water and mist. In this forest, I would love to get lost.

zasa Source, plompmozes
Photos on the preview dailymail, plompmozes

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