9 incredible ways beneficial use of potatoes

What are we, in fact, aware of the potato and its application? With the vast majority of countries around the world, he is on the list of basic foods that it contains a number of vitamins and nutrients. Not too little, but in fact the potato is capable of much more. This is not afraid of the word, a magical root vegetable has a completely unusual properties, and we are going to surprise you.

Website offers try the following methods of use of potatoes in the home:

polishing silver to silver in the dining could see his own reflection, not necessarily to buy expensive polishes. All you need to do - is to boil a couple of potatoes, then remove them from the pan and lower the silverware in the water. Leave the product on for 20-30 minutes, then remove and wipe them carefully. This efficient method will make your silver shine like new. This method of cleaning silver invented thousands of years ago, when silver coins were in vogue.

Shine Polishing This wonderful vegetable can polish not only the silver things, and shoes. Just cut a potato in half and rub half leather shoes. Almost instantly, the skin will fade. Five minutes later, wipe shoes with a soft brush or a clean cloth. The result will exceed all your expectations: you will get an absolutely brilliant pair of shoes. On completion of the cleaning, we recommend not to use a potato to eat.

Derusting Potatoes good assistant in the fight with a rusty tinge on cookware and various metal products, t. To. It contains acid that literally eats away the rust. To do this, cut a potato in half and rub one part of a rusty surface of the object. Put the thing in half an hour. Then a hard sponge remove rust residues. If the plaque could not be removed from the first time, then repeat the whole procedure again

Removing swelling If you sleep soap, then, as a result, get a bad gift -. Swollen eyes. Usually we trust the nutrients contained in cucumber to help soothe the eyes and remove the swelling. Yet cucumbers are considerably inferior in their effectiveness potatoes, which is often used in beauty salons and spas. Result from potato lotions not take long: Put the potato slices on your eyes and keep them for 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure on a regular basis, and you will not only remove the swelling, but also eliminate dark circles under the eyes

remedy for ailments when it comes to heal a number of diseases, the magical properties of potatoes are truly impressive:. Ulcer relief and back pain, cramps, heartburn, pain in torn ligaments, bruises heal and more. Potato juice is rich in vitamins, especially such as B vitamins, vitamin PP, D, E, and potassium. Prepare juice is very simple: throw a few potatoes into the juicer, and to improve the taste, you can add a bit of carrot juice. This strengthens the drink will always remain vigorous and healthy.

Skin Care Have you ever paid attention to the composition of face creams? Surely not. Unfortunately, most components including creams no potato extract. And for good reason. The potato contains substances that help fight acne, acne, oily skin; it cleans the pores and prevents other skin diseases.

There are two effective methods of potato cosmetic applications. First, half raw potatoes wipe the problem areas on the skin. After 1-2 minutes, rinse your face and wipe it with a towel. Second, using the blender do the potato pulp and apply it on your face as a mask. After 15 minutes, the mask can be washed off. As a result, you get a flat, smooth and clean skin.

Creating color photographs Before there were digital cameras and smart phones, people had to show the film to get the desired images. One of the first methods of creating color photography was a process called Autochrome. The photographer used a microscopic granules of potato starch, which were painted orange, green and blue and red filters worked as a plastic substitute

Starch is an ideal material to create a completely biodegradable plastic tableware:. Spoons, forks and plates. Thus, potatoes helps to reduce production costs and protect against environmental pollution, t. To. The plastic itself is not amenable to biodegradable and harmful to nature.

Natural battery Previously potato used as a power supply for a considerable number of inventions. The most common school experiment is that by the usual potatoes and lit lamps fueled by electronic clock. This is because potatoes creates a certain amount of energy released upon contact with vegetable wires of copper and zinc. The ability to produce and use energy compares with natural root battery. Of course, it is unlikely to help the potato you will run the car engine, but certainly you can spend a couple of experiments on the ignition lights at home.

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