Washing hands will never be the same again! Horrific experiment ...

We can assume that thoroughly washed their hands and see that they are clean. But very often it is - a dangerous delusion, which becomes the cause of various diseases. < The microbes on the hands fade in only one case! The journalists «The Daily Mail» conducted an experiment, the results of which are forced to shudder ....

Dirty rukiEst such a term - disease of dirty hands This intestinal infection, influenza, salmonella, dysentery, worms and even infection Hepatitis A! If you wash your hands well enough, especially in public places, you can pick up any of these sores.

The specialists used the lotion «Glo Germ» and a special UV lamp. Lotion is equivalent to any contamination of hands and is suitable for demonstrating the correct way to wash them. lotion film is not visible under normal lighting conditions, but under the lamp he appears perfectly.

It looks like a hand in ultraviolet light after applying the lotion.

Here is what will happen to the hand wash it if within 3 seconds of ordinary water without soap. Virtually no change! Microbes in place. But so do many, leaving a public toilet. Statistics show that most of these men sin.

Six seconds without soap! Washed by hand so no better than the previous one, the skin is still present pollution.

Six seconds using soap! The skin is much cleaner, because the process of rinsing the soap takes more time and effort. But if you look closely, the white spots still enough: look at the area of ​​nails and cuticles. Experts say it is the dirtiest and the problem areas on the hands, which always need to pay special attention!

15 seconds with soap and water, and bacteria almost killed! But it is not yet fully. Minor patches on the skin continues to glow white.

30 seconds with soap and water - perfect. After such a laborious washing hands look neat, it is clear that the microbes were wrecked!

Microbes on dirty hands will be lost, if you spend a little more of their precious time to hygiene! Demonstrate this experience to their loved ones, for such is often reminded.


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