55 things you need to raskhlamit

The smaller things, the less clutter in your home.
Raskhlamlenie and organization can help you spend less time cleaning. As space in your home will be more.

Look at this list of 55 things you can choose 1-10 items and immediately get rid of them.

1.Lyuboy thing that you do not like it much.
2. If the item is not being used, and most likely will not be used.
3. If the subject of worthless
4. If something looks bad
5. If you had once thought, "can throw it away?»
6. In any case
7. Any items that are not subject to repair
8. Items from whom you want something to do, but do not have long
9. A thing like that you do not like
10. You have not used it for a month
11. If the thing does not belong to you, you offered to take her to the owner, but he did not.
12. Things that you forgot you had someone (call them to let them throw)
13. All that makes you sad.

14. Kitchen gadgets that you never use
15. All that you will never get there. Branded tea bags, gift packaging coffee.
16. Products that have expired
17. Menu home delivery, which you will never use.
18. Unnecessary pans, frying pans
19. The old terrible plastic containers
20. The containers without lids
21. Spare cover
22. Ask yourself whether all lozhkami- ladle you use some or covered with bloom, even in the box.
23. Cooking books that you do not like and you open them once closed.
24. Excessive glasses, cups.
25. Bowls for mixing
26. Dishes that you never use
27. Beautiful bottle and cork alcohol that you would like to use, but never made it.

28. The items you do not use more than a year (necklaces, bracelets)
29. Clothing that is not comfortable
30. Clothes that small
31. Clothing that great
32. shabby clothes
33. The clothes in which you feel weird
34. Footwear that is not too tight, rubbing
35. Shoes that, are not going to repair
36. Things were expensive, and you feel sorry for.
37. Things that you somehow never wore
38. Clothing that does not fit any kchemu
39. 5 pairs of identical black turtlenecks

40. Extra linen which you have never used.
41. Extra towels
42. The extra dishtowels
43. Unpleasant linens
44. Terrible Towel
45. Cloths for cleaning

46. ​​Overdue means for
makeup 47. Do not
quality tools 48. Older curlers, hair dryer broken
49. Gift creams

Home office
50. Newspapers,
article 51. Leave the books that really love.
52. The sad picture, poor quality
53. Telephone directories
54. The extra copies of documents
55. Trash on the Desktop


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