Magical housekeeping: the Japanese art of restoring order at home and in life

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"Magical housekeeping" by Marie Kondo book that has taught millions of people around the world to restore order in the house and in life. Translated into many languages, it helps to get rid of unnecessary and in the end to surround yourself with only those things that touches the heart.

The website decided to write about the main secrets of this book.

First, you need to get rid of junk once and for all

To set our house in perfect order, you need to stop to shift things from place to place. The first is to understand which of the huge number of them worthy to continue to live in your home. In the end, you will be able to make room for really your things and create your space.

1. Does this thing fun?

Take every thing in hand and ask yourself just one question: "does this thing fun?" Leave only what makes you bright positive emotions. Surround yourself with the world of things that give you confidence and strength ideal for you. And this applies to everything from sweaters and skirts to books and photos.

2. One category at a time

The mistake of many is that they cleaned the rooms and endlessly stumble on the same things, and not understanding, what is their total number. Marie Kondo advises to collect all things of the same category together and then decide what to keep and what not. So you can estimate the total amount of things and leave only the best.

3. Vertical storage

The basic principle of storage that is "invented" by Marie Kondo, is the vertical storage. If we arrange things vertically, something about them is impossible to forget. They don't stay at the bottom under a bunch of other things and continue to "work", as shown here. In addition, it is so things longer and better keep their shape.

4. Products

Basic food products are sold in colourful boxes, jars and bottles. Together these packages create a "information noise", which attacks the human, he had only to enter the kitchen or open a Cabinet door. But if tearing of the label or pour the products in the "clean" containers "noise" will disappear by itself. And shelf, as shown here, look much better.

5. Clothing

The most important thing in storing clothes is to see what you wear in a particular season. To do this, fit wardrobes and hangers. Things of the same type and color it is better to keep together, not to buy always the same. Clothes hang better so long things were left and short — right. This will create the effect of lightness and soaring all of the wardrobe, as shown here.

6. Bags

Free bags every day. So you can give the bag to "rest" and also to understand what are the things you don't need the next morning. And the bag retains its shape, store them one in the same. It will also save a lot of space. For everyday documents get into the box, where easily able to pick up the paper every day. And these organizers will save a lot of space in the wardrobe.

7. Photos

A huge number of photographs is another source of littering. To remember an important moment in my life, enough to print just a couple of the most vivid shots. Tips on how to arrange them original, is given here.

8. Books

There are two categories of books, which you should get rid of: the ones that you read and forgot, and those you intend to read for a long time. The first has already fulfilled its function. Getting rid of the second, you will understand, is to return to them or not. And only books worthy of the "walk of fame",is to leave the house. And this site gives a lot of tips about how unusual it is to store books and more.

9. Workplace

Your workplace should help you in your work. Therefore each time it should be free with one hand and have everything you need on the other. For this approach the vertical holders and folders, which can be purchased here. They vacate the space and leave room for acts and thoughts "from scratch".

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