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Ggpht.comYulya grown and it was time to give the girl to school. But before that, it was necessary to pass a standard test - a check on the willingness to learn

. - We will start with the most simple, - said psychologist and laid on the table of wax fruit. - Here's an apple, pear, orange and apricot. How all this can be called in one word?

Julia hesitated and looked down.

- Well, let's continue. Here are tomato, cucumber, potatoes, radishes and onions. What do we call this a word?

The girl bit her lip with excitement.

- Strawberry, cherry, raspberry ...

- As usual, it's called? You do not know?

- I forgot - quietly said baby, barely holding back tears

. - I think you still too early to go to school, - summed up the psychologist

. - Wait another year, work out with a girl. She still does not know basic things!

Mother looked at the baby in surprise:

- Yulia, do not you know, all call it a word

? - A! Remembered! - And the girl's face lit up. - Fake

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