A little secret in the upbringing of the child, which should learn from the Prince William

Every parent has a trick in which he actively uses in the child's upbringing. And it's great if you have a special ritual that gives the child understand how he is dear and important.

Today Website will speak about the reception of Prince William who will help get closer to my children.

If you look at photos of the prince and his 3-year-old son George, you'll notice that the Duke of Cambridge often kneels or squats while talking to a favorite child.

At the christening of the princess Charlotte.

Next to the terrible noisy helicopter.

And with President Obama during a presidential visit to Kensington Palace.

Once he even scolded the queen because it uses this method of education in a formal setting, where going to a lot of important person.No experts believe that all parents should take note of this simple trick.

When you squat to a child, you can take a look at the baby's eyes. < The experts call this technique of active listening, when children feel that their word is actually very important for the parents. It is also very powerfully stimulates self-esteem, develops confidence and helps further to find common ground even in the most difficult situations .

Of course, to listen to and talk with your child, you need much more than just sit on his haunches. Psychologists recommend to parents to stop their business at the time when the kids say, and give your child your full attention.

So the next time your child wants attention, try to sit down and talk, looking him straight in the eye. It's easy, it will boost their self-esteem, and yes, it is approved by the royal family.

And here is the same reprimand from the Queen (for SIFCO thank our readers).

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