If you see a honey, in any case do not buy it! To know before ...

< Natural honey - a storehouse of health and longevity! But what if we face is not a real honey, and a surrogate? Today, our editors share a secret, how to distinguish the real from the fake honey

How to distinguish real honey
In taste
This honey, among sweetness, and yet must have bitterness, causing a small sore throat. It is best to buy honey on the market, where there is the opportunity to try the product. By the smell and flavor
Natural honey is often unobtrusive floral fragrance. Artificial honey may not have the aroma, but it is the other extreme - a sharp smell of artificial The color
. It is better to avoid buying honey with pronounced white shade, such a feature may indicate that feeding bees sugar syrup. Of course, for its beneficial properties, it is much inferior to the natural honey. The beginning of spring on the market appears honey with a dark tint. This shade is inherent buckwheat honey. But there are cases where unscrupulous sellers give a dark honey last year of fresh buckwheat.

This color can be obtained if last year's melt down the frozen honey. We should be wary of buying buckwheat honey, better to buy it at a friend's beekeepers.

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