Seven lessons of the great success of Henry Ford

1. Serve others.
"Business is absolutely devoted to service will have little concern for profit. It is an obscene amount. "
The secret of success lies in serving others. All successful people are, more majestic than the success, the majestic services.
Wealth created from services and only comes through service. Ford said: "Wealth, exactly, like happiness, can not be achieved by direct search. It comes as a byproduct of useful services. And how do you serve?

2. Focus.
"There is a man who can not achieve more than he thinks he can."
You are completely in the dark about its capabilities, so you can never focus their efforts on one task. You spend an hour of your day on one thing for three hours on another matter, but you never do not focus their attention on one task. When you focus your life, all the impossible becomes possible. Focus, you can do more than you think you can.

3. Be productive.
"From my observations, I have noticed that most people define the time that others waste."
Each of us has 24 hours a day, but only a few, using this time succeed, the others fail. Why is this happening? The thing is that some people effectively control the time, while others are under the control of their time. Some people dictate their day, while others allow their time to dictate its direction of motion. If you fail, you fail, why you are using the wrong one time. If you reach the success you achieve success through effective time management. And you are the master of your time?

4. Solve the problem.
"Most people spend a lot of time and energy to walk around the problems and trying to solve them."
Be sure you get a reward for solving other people's problems. But if you can solve any problem? If you choose a big problem, you get a big reward if you decide to minor problems, you get a small reward. If you decide the problem of a small number of people, the reward will be negligible if you decide the problem of large numbers of people, you can get rich. Do not waste your time walking around the problem, solve them.

5. There is nothing particularly difficult.
"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it is not fine work."
Henry Ford said: "There are no major problems, there are only a lot of little problems." When you think about it, you can really see that in reality, there is nothing "complex". You climb the mountain step by step, the individual steps are not as heavy as the whole ascent. Consistent solution of large problems, step by step, lead to success. Eat a whale one bite at a time, and it will be eaten in one day.

6. Keep your eyes on the prize.
"Obstacles - these are terrible things that you see, when the eyes are retracted from the goal."
Never take your eye off your goal. The purpose - what motivates you, what makes you keep going to it, no matter what the obstacles. You should always see who you want to become. You should see the goal has been achieved, you should feel the goal achieved in his imagination.

7. Think.
"Thinking - hard work, it's probably the reason why so few truly thinking people."
Thinking - how do you prepare for this hard work, this is where you find out little nuances and "prepare" their plans. Ford said, "First of all, the preparation is the secret of success." Are you ready for success? Do you think? Thinking - hard work, but the one who has to do it, he has to prepare for success.


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