The rules of life of Harrison Ford

The actor, 74 years

"There is only one Indiana Jones. This James Bond can be any number, because the actors or begin to age, or start asking for more money. But I'm not like to grow old »

I do not know what happened to the interview, if you did not like me at once.

I do not mind to answer a couple of questions-geek. Just do not have to ask me, what would I fought off robbers - a whip or a lightsaber.

There is only one Indiana Jones. This James Bond can be any number, because the actors or begin to age, or start asking for more money. But I'm not like to get old.

No one is able to maintain a good shape in the seventies, and I do too. But I can pretty well simulate it.

You can consider yourself an old man, if, before every other name in your notebook means "doctor".

It seems I am not the first nor the last of those in old age wants to change his life and hopes that the time to do it.

I'm scared like to fly, and sometimes I can just get on a plane to whisk for a good cheeseburger. Once I had a large collection of aircraft and a staff of pilots, but then I'm all fired because sitting at the controls, they got a lot more fun than I am. Hell, they just played with my toys! And then, when I was 52, I first sat behind the wheel himself. At that time I was already 25 years the number of the actor, and I just wanted something new. Believe me: this is happiness - to learn to fly, suddenly realize that the people who fly with you, do not fear.

Most in the profession of the actor I like the fact that for 25 years, you do not need to come to the same office at the same time.

If you are busy in the film industry, there are only two places where you can live - Los Angeles and New York. Where exactly - it is not so important, because a nickel coin falls either eagle or tails, and on the edge of it will never rise again.

Being an actor - is the best way to learn how to communicate with people, not being himself.

Earlier, when I found out on the streets, I just smiled shyly and shook his head. Well, sort of like "what are you saying, I - this is not it." But then I decided that's not fair, and began to act differently. Noticing someone's eyes, I immediately came up and said, "I - Harrison Ford." I think some people still believe that to them then approached some quack.

Write on my tombstone: "Here lies a man who lost his anonymity too early."

I have never understood why someone so important to declare you the best.

I hate it when the director says, believe me. Why the hell should I replace my knowledge of his confidence? I'm seventy. Do I need someone to believe in the word?

Since we lost James Brown, the most persistent plodder in the world of show business can be regarded as Steven Spielberg.

Remove own movie - not a good idea for an actor. After finishing his first film, Bob Hoskins said, "I feel like a man to death peck penguins."

There is nothing better than a herd of elks, passing by the morning of your ranch.

Once upon a time I said: "The last thing to the planet - a hundred thousand loony tourists scour the reserved places in a T-shirt with Michael Jackson." Since then, little has changed. But I want you to understand that I do not disturb the tourists in T-shirts with Michael Jackson, and the locals, who are beginning to wear the same.

What I like? My family, fly, wildlife protection and the protection of human rights. Here, perhaps, and all.

Most of all in America I do not like the direction that the country has taken in foreign policy. In his desire to make decisions for others, we have gone too far.

My father - an Irishman, and his mother - a Jew. The only thing that kept them together - is that both were Democrats.

I never fought with the Nazis in real life. I do hate to fight. As soon as I climb into the fray once I break something - a finger or even a hand.

I do not do tricks. I have to run, jump, and happens to fall. Stunts perform stunt.

Tenacity - this is a very important quality. Yes, and the word itself is excellent.

If I could buy any superpowers, it certainly would have had the opportunity to become invisible.

If God exists, and I am to meet him at the gates of paradise, I think I'll tell him something like "a personal acquaintance with you is much more interesting."

My youngest just ten, and I want to live as long as I can watch as it grows.

My first child was born when I was twenty-five, and it was a pitiful sight: a child raising a child.

I do not understand why parents always want their children to repeat their success, or simply to follow in their footsteps.

I once said that more than anything to feel sorry about his first marriage. But it was only until the moment when I got married for the second time.

I'm grumpy? What nonsense is this? I am an independent, but not grumpy. However, if you want to call me grumpy, call me grumpy.

I like to dress as I myself never get dressed.

The main pleasure of owning something - an opportunity to share it with others.

You can paint a picture that will be understandable only to you, and it will be an art. But you can not remove a movie. Cinema - this is something that you show to all.

In old age, it becomes so boring something to be afraid of.

In the movie, today less and less from the movie and more on video games, because the industry has long been focused on twelve years. But I have no nostalgia for the time when the movie was designed for bearded men with children.

I am not afraid of my age. Finally, I had the opportunity to play old men without makeup.

For moose I do not mind.


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