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Designer Tom Ford - an unusual guy. With his good looks could advertise haute couture, but he chose to create the clothes; he could star in a movie starring heroes-lovers, but he is shooting a film and gets the reward (the picture Ford "A Single Man" was nominated for the "Golden Lion", and lead actor Colin Firth received the award for Best Actor ); Finally, Ford might enjoy the most beautiful women on this planet, and he likes to lean gray-haired journalist Richard Buckley. Not being a single drop to average, Ford decided to compile 15 things without which can not live the average man, and shared his thoughts with British Vogue

1. A sense of humor (as at 100! Sad man is trouble)

2. Read a newspaper in the morning (I would add: in the toilet)

3. Sport (apparently metrosexual Ford is not that there are men who exercise only at school and at the same time feel macho cool, scratching beer bellies)

4. Tweezers (also, apparently Tom can not imagine a man who does not follow the density and shape of their eyebrows - it's a monster!)

5. Own fragrance Signature. (Well still)

6. Business suit. (Here he is right! Even if the man is working as a plumber in the life of each case will come when you will need this suit. PS I do not mean the final journey)

7. A pair of sturdy leather shoes. (This is logical - if you need a business suit, not under it obuesh boots)

8. Fashionable blazer. (Multifunction thing fits and feast, and in the world)

9. Decent jeans (not the keyword "jeans" and "decent»)

10. White shirt (preferably - Tom Ford)

11. Fresh socks every day, and do not use one pair for more than six months (and if it is your favorite, "trophy" socks ???)

12. The classic tuxedo (for many representatives of a strong half of mankind to have at least a business suit is already good, not what a tuxedo. But on the whole he was right!)

13. High-quality watches, not fake (100. Gentlemen smiling, proud "Roliksami" and "Sasio»)

14. Sunglasses that you go (keyword «go»)

15. Perfect teeth. If you have not - Spend at the dentist (+105000!)


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