She mixed the two ingredients that are in every home. Now, her white shoes like new!

< Light shoes looks very impressive and is particularly acute in the summer. But it has one major drawback: it is quickly spoiled

. Fortunately, knowing one simple secret can be in no wash any dirt. < «Website» will tell you how to cook at home cleanser, which is easily and simply return the favorite white white sneakers.

How to clean white obuvTebe need
  • 0, 5, Art. Vinegar
  • 0, 5, Art. soda

    1. vsyp soda in a convenient plastic container. Then, pour the vinegar and mix until a smooth paste. The resulting mixture begins to sizzle, but do not be scared, it should be.
    2. Use the old toothbrush carefully crafted cooked paste the entire surface of the shoe and leave it for 30 minutes. Then carefully wash with cold water.
    3. The tissue shoes, such as sneakers or running shoes, after this procedure can be further washed in the machine. Just do not forget to do this with a special bag or pillow case.

      Now it's your white shoes will be like new! Tell your friends about this, how to clean shoes , they also come in handy this method!


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