10 interesting facts about the sense of smell, which no one knows

The sense of smell seems to be far less important feeling, than sight, sound or touch. However, it is - the most ancient sense, without which we could not take any food taste or to learn about the dangers of the outside world. < Website tells interesting facts that are useful to know about the sense of smell.

Vanityfair.itSoglasno to a study published in the journal Science in 2014, the human nose can sense at least $ 1 trillion of distinct odors. One of the most pleasant smells people find the aroma of vanilla, some smells of citrus, cinnamon, biscuit and ... colored pencils. The author of this study - Dolores Malaspina, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University in New York. According to Professor Malaspina, the sense of smell -. The most ancient sense of The methods of perception of the chemical composition of the environment is, even in unicellular organisms. There are a number of anomalies in the sense of smell. Among them - anosmia (complete or partial loss of smell perception), dysosmia (impaired sense of smell, when instead of one odor is perceived by the other), hyperospheresia (excessive perception of smell). A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University are developing a new method of identification - with the help of the smell of his sweat. According to their theory, sweat -. This chemical "fingerprint" of a person, unique to each The sense of smell is responsible for 75-95% of taste perception. Do not breathe the smell of the product, we have significantly worse perceive its taste and can not distinguish one from the other kind of food only by its texture. Loss of smell may signal Alzheimer's disease. Reduced ability to perceive odors associated with the loss of functionality of the brain cells. Odour can be one of the ways to diagnose autism. According to some studies children with autism do not distinguish between pleasant and unpleasant odors and breathe them equally, without trying to breathe deeply "tasty" fragrance or shallow breathing, if the smell is bad. During the experiments, a "breath test" showed 81 percent accuracy in diagnosis in children aged 7 years. < The nose determines the sound of the voice. What we hear when people speak or sing, largely depends on the resonant structures in the throat and nose. The very sound of the vocal cords produce, but its intensity is determined by how it is "processed" above ligaments. The characteristic "nasal" voice in nasal congestion occurs due to lack of nasal resonance. Rhinoplasty, or plastic of the nose - the second most common cosmetic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2010 more than 250 thousand operations for nose reshaping (first place belongs to the prevalence of breast augmentation surgery) was conducted in the United States. However, is one of the most complex functionality of plastic surgery. Because sometimes we are talking about millimeters that separate the successful from the unsuccessful operation.

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