The old woman shocked Online From China With its beach Photo!

China resident has posted their photos Network - Internet and plunged the inhabitants into a shock: it's incredible how you can have a figure of 20-year-old beauty at her age? What is the secret?

Beauty named E Wen lives in Henan province, and claims that there is nothing supernatural in her recipe for eternal youth is not. It's just an early age is extremely healthy lifestyle.

For over the last 20 years, a woman floating on a daily basis and regularly engaged in the gym. And it eats at the same time is not a hamburger with fries ...

Fitness lady who very well could work a model of the famous Victoria's Secret, owes this appearance daily two-hour training.

The woman is going to continue as an active way of life and posing in a bathing suit of at least 80!

But since E Wen looked in his 30 years!

Still, it's shocking, if?


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