Sculptures carved from ordinary pencils, dazzling!

Cindy Chinn - artist. She lives in the US, in Nebraska. A year ago, she was fascinated by the manufacture of microscopic sculptures made of wood. The material for the ordinary pencils are her work. Cindy works with the help of magnifying glasses, and creates a whole composition, which can be seen only with a magnifying glass. The accuracy of detail in her works is simply amazing! The last work of Cindy - "Elephants in the Serengeti" - depicts a family of elephants on the boardwalk. "I did it to order, and the first one was going to make an elephant, - says the artist. - But then the work captivated me, and I lost track of time. " In this work she took a few days.

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Website published photos of her work process output

surface pencil under the feet of elephants specially treated to create. the impression of grass, trampled under the feet of elephants

Behind the elephants grow acacia. Note: light details of the composition of carved wood of the pencil, dark - from a graphite rod

finished composition is placed in a glass case, to which is attached a magnifying glass to be able to see the sculpture in the smallest details

Each elephant carved out of a single pencil. Only then the artist has brought together figures

preferred to work with flat carpenter's pencil. Before starting work on the pencil markings applied to a lattice

General outline of the artist carves using a magnifying glass with a five-fold increase, equipped with backlit

Cindy admits that sometimes it is necessary to make the most tools for the job - are available too rough and can not provide the required accuracy of detail

the end Cindy figure handle, giving the skin the natural look of an elephant. Each carefully fold are drawn ​​

Most small finishing touches Cindy deals using trinocular - stereo microscope with 90-fold magnification 82,870,844

Another work of Cindy - "Baseball glove"

Baseball made of wax crayons

"Art in"

brain - also from wax crayons


«A day at the beach"



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