Scientists have found that chocolate cake for breakfast is good for the brain and slender waist

Scientists at Syracuse University (NY, USA) conducted a large-scale survey among 968 people aged 23-98 years who did not change their eating habits.

The experiment showed that the chocolate has a direct impact on cognitive processes and often its use significantly improves memory and develop abstract thinking.

Several years ago, researchers at Tel Aviv University reported that eating chocolate every morning. This helps them in their work. Contrary to popular belief, that the people sitting on a diet should exclude chocolate from your diet, it was found that chocolate, on the other hand, helps to lose weight.

"When you wake up, your brain starts in urgent need of energy - said Professor Daniela Jakubowicz, author of the bestseller" Diet hearty breakfast. " - At the time of the day the body converts food to energy. If you eat later, your brain is still in the mode of combat activity, but saves energy as fat. Thus, even eating less, you will still gain weight. »

Chocolate is important to eat no later than 9 am. According to Dr. Daniela, people who eat breakfast protein, carbohydrates, and high-calorie dessert (600 calories), lose more weight than people who take food later and eat only 300 calories.

As this is in chocolate that has such an impact? Scientists believe that the case in flavonoids - nutrients that are natural antioxidant found in cocoa beans. The high content of flavonoids also noted in tea, red wine, grapes and apples.

So the next time you will be sad to think about what to eat chocolate or not, feel free to include it in the morning diet. Your brain and waist will tell you thank you for it!

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