19 hard "need" that will lead to success. Follow these rules, always!

Dan Waldschmidt - a successful entrepreneur, owner of the consulting company Waldschmidt Partners International, a specialist in business strategy, marketing, a well-known lecturer and popular blogger. His blog - one of the best resources on sales according to Dow Jones. Dan provocative ideas, but at the same time is very sobering, they help to build the case and change for the better life
Today "Site» has prepared for you hard 19 "need" by Waldschmidt, who will lead you to the success !

19 hard "need" for uspeha

You need to make a call that is afraid to do. You need to get up earlier than you want. You need to give more than it receives in return. you need to care about others more than they care about you. you need to fight even when the bleed and strewn with injuries. < you need to take risks when it seems that it is better beware. you need to lead, when after you no one should be. you need to invest in themselves, even if no one else does not do. You need to look like a fool when looking for answers to their questions. You need to hone the details of when is easier to dismiss them. You need to seek the result, when it is possible to find excuses. You need to find their own explanations, even when accepting the arguments of the other. You need to make mistakes and look like an idiot. < You need to try, make mistakes and try again. You need to run faster, even if breathing is difficult. You need to be kind even to those who were cruel to you. you need to meet deadlines that seem reckless, and achieve results that no one has previously sought. you need to take responsibility for their actions, even when things go wrong. You need to keep moving in this direction, without paying attention to the obstacles ahead.

We always puts everything in the most difficult then, but only those people who dare to difficult actions are successful. Follow these rules and you will be sure to wait for only the best!


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