How to keep fresh herbs without preservation and freezing! Green oil bank.

It is so great - eat salad in the winter, seasoned with fresh herbs! Some housewives successfully frozen herbs for their meals and some canned, mixing it with salt ... The Way blank green for the winter, which offers «Website» , is good that in this the case of green structure does not change, saved all of the vitamins and flavor.

Green bankeZagotavlivat oil in this way can the most different fresh herbs: dill, parsley, basil, cilantro, oregano ...

green vegetable oil (olive, corn, sunflower) suitable containers

Wash greens, dry it thoroughly . finely chopped with a knife. You can use a blender if you plan to cook the sauce later. to shift the greens in a dry jar, tamped down. Pour oil into a jar, so that it is completely covered in green. Keep aromatic green oil in the refrigerator on the coldest shelf.

Rather, please use this recipe blank green to delight you and your family all winter fresh new look of dishes! Bon Appetit!


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