She gathered up in a bun and a toothpick dipped them in paint ... The result - a delightful decoration.

We all spend a great scrip money to prepare for the New Year holidays. Most of the funds spent on pleasant things - gifts to loved ones, wrapping paper, beautiful decor. To the holidays are not strongly hit on your pocket, on something you can save without losing the Christmas feeling. At the same time you can have a great time!

We have prepared for you a master class on making affordable, but original decorations , which will in any home a real fairy tale!

Christmas candlesticks from banokTebe need
banks scissors glue sequins glass acrylic toothpicks paper < / permanent marker

Draw a paper pattern with a precise contour. Insert the sheet in a glass jar. Circle pattern on the glass with a marker.

Get the pattern of banks. Apply glue on the image on the glass, avoiding smearing circuits. Top sprinkle the surface glitter. After 3 minutes, gently shake off the remnants of glitter.

That's cute looks jar.

Remarkably happened, is not it? Here's another option to create a beautiful candlestick out of the jar !

Glue pattern paper pattern in a circle on the outside of the banks.

Next, create a snowy winter. Take a bundle of toothpicks and McNee in their white acrylic paint. Apply it moves point to the jar. The same procedure can be done in the first embodiment.

Black paint fill pattern. Put a candle in a jar, and you get a wonderful Christmas decoration at no cost.

Over the entire process can be viewed in detail in the video!

Share with your friends this remarkable idea, maybe one of them wants to do for you a wonderful gift!


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