How to cope with stress at work. Here's what to do when your nerves on edge!

In today's world, a person experiences stress in almost every sphere of activity. To fully live and work, should be able to withstand stress
We need to realize that stress is present in every profession and completely get rid of it is impossible, but it is quite real to weaken.

How to cope with stress at work
we reduce stressful situations to a minimum
Do not be late for work and do not go away later. Once it was time to go home, forget about all the operational issues: no projects, documents and thoughts not carry it home. At home we have a rest, and do not work. You do not have time? It's time to schedule the day and distribute the load
Maintain an active lifestyle
While even small physical stress the body produces hormones of happiness. Walk, run, ride a bike, and yes, forget about the elevator. Translation negative emotions into positive
I do not like the boss - sign up for boxing. I want to shout - go to karaoke. It seems that begin to destroy the office - start home repairs or help to complete his friends fueled brain
! A clear head is needed in any job. Regular snacks and regular meals does not allow the brain to sleep. Do not skip breakfast, work, eat dried fruit with yogurt or yogurt, drink green tea with mint and supports a handful of nuts. < Proper nutrition -. A pledge not only health, but also productive activities Do small breaks
Do small breaks of 2-3 minutes every hour, at this time need to change the type of activity: sit in silence with eyes closed or come to the window and look at the world, listen to your favorite song or sit down 10 times. Or why not call your loved one? Change your mind
From the fact that you will walk without mood, complain about life or being rude, but will not improve. Smile colleagues, be polite, participate in the life of the organization, the office does not close in themselves. If angry and gloomy team will be sunny and friendly staff will notice immediately how to improve climate at work
If you abide by these simple rules, you will be happy to wake up in the morning, work productively and can withstand the stress. Share with loved ones this important information!


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