She shook her jar into a cheesecloth to get the most valuable product ...

It is difficult to imagine that ordinary clover is a source of nutrients, ensures the integrity of the work of all organs of the human body. Clover sprouts and Leaves used to treat a large number of diseases.

Clover is an excellent antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial and even anti-cancer agent.

Medicinal properties of clover
  1. It dissolves kidney stones
    There are two ways to get a dose of vitamin clover. First - go to the nearest drugstore and buy flowers of red clover in the capsules. The second - to grow clover sprouts at home and add them each time to eat
  2. Helps with arthritis
    . Calcium, potassium and zinc - Extremely urgent items for healthy bones. Clover contains all these minerals.
  3. Lowers cholesterol level
    Lucerne has an antioxidant effect on the body. Enable it in your daily diet can lower cholesterol levels in the body.
  4. normalizes blood sugar
    Alfalfa is used as intact or as dobavok.Tvoi cells become more responsive to insulin, thus controlling blood sugar levels.

    As germinate kleverIngredienty
    < 150-200 ml of water
  5. 1 tbsp. l. clover seeds

  6. It is enough to take one tablespoon of seeds washed without damage, and soak them in a bowl with warm boiled water for 8-10 hours.
This is followed by drain and move the seeds in a glass jar. Neck banks necessarily wrapped with gauze. Two, three times a day, the seedlings will need to be washed. After 5 days, they can be added to food.

Sprouts - a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Add them to salads and can be used as an extra ingredient to the main dish. Grow them extremely easy and entertaining. With this operation, even a child will cope, show your children how to germinate grain. The kids will enthusiastically watch this fascinating process.

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