10 foods for the brain young: better prevention of Alzheimer's disease is not found!

With age, decreasing the efficiency of our brain, and, unfortunately, it is inevitable - as many researchers believe causes illness Alzheimer's. But scientists at the Rush University Medical Center (Chicago) argued that brain aging process is reversible!

They conducted a series of surveys in which participated elderly people 80 years of age, and found that there are products that improve brain function. Moreover, cognitive function test not only significantly increased, but also their decline to delay for about 10 years. What good news!

Food for the brain to rejuvenate the brain Products are divided into 15 categories. Those that are included in the top 10, you can eat almost as much as necessary, but the products of the remaining 5 categories should be strictly consumed in limited quantities.

Nuts - for a handful of 5 times a week The greens, green vegetables -. An unlimited number . Vegetables - at least 1 serving per day Beans -. 2 or more servings per week poultry -. 2 times a week Olive oil. - continuously for salads. Fish - 1 time per week. dry red wine - 150 ml per day. berries - at least 2 times . week Whole grain bread - instead of bread Red meat -. not more than 3 times per week Sweets and desserts -. not more than 4 times a week. Hard cheese - up to 100 g per week butter -. no more than 1 tbsp. l. . Per day Fried foods - 1-2 times a week

. You're surprised to see the list of red wine ? The fact that the grape skins contain resveratrol - a wonderful antioxidant that supports normal hormone levels, helps to fight cancer, rejuvenates the cells of the body. So, starting to tasty and healthy dinner, take up for their own health a glass of dry wine!

Another prerequisite for improving the functioning of the brain - moderate physical activity. Do not forget to tell your friends about it!


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