7-year-old boy cried out, coming out of the closet. After learning the reason, my mother was beside herself ...

In everyday life, we from time to time by the arm across the hot items: a red-hot frying pan, a kettle of boiling water, or simply included iron. So, unfortunately, household burns - are not uncommon.

But we are not even aware that you can get severe burns and without contact with hot objects. Today's story is a case in point ...

chemical burn kozhiSemiletny disciple Stewart Avenue Public School could not wear pants more than 11 days after it has received chemical burns to the skin in the school toilet.

At first glance, redness on both legs looked like an ordinary sunburn. Soon the skin blistered, and the boy felt a strong burning sensation.

After a while it became clear that the cause of burns was hygienic means Everyday Disinfectant. According to the statement, this is what means can cause irritation in contact with skin.

After long-term treatment, and trips to the doctors woman sued the school. It requires her to pay 250,000 dollars in compensation. It soon became clear that the boy was not the only victim of negligence: a few students have experienced similar problems with the skin

Pay attention! Be extremely careful using public toilets! Try not touch surfaces or use toilet paper as a protective barrier between the skin and the seat. Teach the child the basic rules of hygiene, and then chemical burns it will be terrible.

Keep in mind, there is no need to panic. This article is just a warning about how to be attentive to personal hygiene. If you think this information is important, be sure to tell your friends about it!


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