Stunning historic photos from private collections, which has not been seen


We love history, especially the history in pictures. Internet is good, that collectors of old photos, storing photos, files, often spread compilation of interesting pictures, which has not been seen since they have not been published or have been forgotten at the time. < Website publishes a small selection of these remarkable historic photographs.

Bonnie and Clyde. This photo police found during a police raid in one of their shelters legendary prestupnikovab6799e1fc.jpg

Photo source: Mixstuff.ruMuhammed Ali persuaded not to commit a desperate guy samoubiystva4212f1bc43.jpg

Last Photo Vladimir Lenin's lifetime. By this time he had suffered three strokes and could not quite govorit2855eba624.jpg

Marilyn Monroe, and TV and radio host Ralph Edwards on the golf golfa223c4b24d8.jpg

Pearl Harbor during the Japanese air attack on December 7 1941949326d8c2.jpg

Last Photo Adolf Hitler 194551119eab1d.jpg

emancipated flepper girls posing on car background near San Francisco, 1923fcf140028f.jpg

Marilyn Monroe and baseball player Joe DiMaggio, five months before his wedding, the hotel Fairmont Banff hotel, Canada, on August 19 195335480d58ad.jpg

< br> The slave device to prevent escapes. "Collar" did not allow the servant to squeeze into narrow openings - for example, in okno7b3df2e22d.jpg

The youngest survivor of Buchenwald prisoner, a four Polish Jew Joseph Shlayfstayn immediately after osvobozhdeniya1803f71855.jpg

The father hid the 2 and 5 year old son in a large bag with tools and clothing, so that he did not get a group of prisoners unfit to work and be destroyed. Then other prisoners helped hide Shlayfstaynu elder child. After his release, Joseph Shlayfstayn emigrated to the US and for decades avoided talking about the visit in a concentration camp, even with their own children.



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