How do I know EVERYTHING about a person using the Internet? 15 concrete steps

We decided to play spy? We do not object. You never know what are the situations when you need to find out as much information about a person without resorting to direct questioning. Of course, a complete curriculum vitae, you will not find on the Internet, but still the man to show and tell the world about themselves, one way or another is stored in the network. And now the Website shows you how to get this information.

1. How to find the man page in all social networks at once? A few years ago, the company "Yandex" has launched a service for personal pages people search. It is available at At the moment the search is carried out for 16 social networks:

Images Source: Iphones.ruIskat possible not only by name but also by nickname:

If you doubt that, as a man calls himself on the Internet, you can use the logical OR operator (indicated by a vertical bar):

2. How to find the latest record for all social networks at once?

Service Social Searcher helps to find the latest positions on human Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo, Reddit and other sites.

Unfortunately, this search engine does not work with the Russian social networks: "Vkonakte", "Classmates", "My Circle". In addition, it is under active development, and in it there is not information on all the people of the world.

3. What people post in Twitter on a certain day? Sometimes it is interesting to know that any famous person wrote in his Twitter before a certain date. For example, Tim Cook Post to your account before the 17th October 2015?

For such challenges in Twitter has operators for advanced search. They need to recruit on the main page of a social network in the form in the upper right corner:

from: @tim_cook until: 2015-10-17


If we combine the above-described «until» with «since» operator, it is possible to make a selection of tweets for a certain period of time. For example, you can see that Tim Cook wrote in the Christmas week:

from: @tim_cook since: 2015-12-25 until: 2016-01-07


4. Post to Twitter What people around the C operator using «near:»? You can find out what the people are now writing a particular city:

near: perm

Or at a certain latitude and longitude:

near: 56.35, 47.03


Geographic coordinates can be determined from this map, or view photos exif-data.

5. What do they write about the person in social networks? Find out what you can say about a person on Social Mention site. In addition to the recent posts that mention the desired person, you can see the top hashtags that usually accompany it, and top users who mention it most.

6. What kind of photos are made with a man? In service Yomapic can look at the latest pictures taken in a certain place.

7. Not whether a person is on the wanted list? If your new friend is suspicious, you should look for it in the base of the Interior Ministry in its region.

8. No. Does he have debts? In FSPP database can find out whether a person has outstanding fines, child support or other debts. For more information you need to know only his surname, first name and region of residence.

9. What are the video c this man? A lot of interesting things can be found on Youtube, especially if you use a couple of search operators. Here is the result for "Egor Letov»:

Here's how you can search for playlists:

Yegor Letov, playlist

But the search for the names of channels:

Yegor Letov, channel

10. Who is in the photo?

Cut the part of the photo, where the person's head and load it on the search page images at Google. We are surprised result.

11. What are people doing research?

If you have to test, it would be nice to learn about the teacher more. Many of the university staff are candidates or doctorates. And never mind talking about his research for an hour or two, than you can use to your advantage.

The weak point of the examiner can be found in the database of dissertations.

12. Do not store ICQ what some curious information about violent youth?

Download the ICQ on the official site, login and go to search for contacts. If successful scenario, you can find a nickname 10 years ago, which will be the key to a window into the world of wonderful discoveries.

13. In which region he bought a sim card?

Determine the region and the subscribers of the operator can be on site

14. How to find out the location for IP? Method does not guarantee the accuracy of information. After all, there are many ways to hide your real address, which are used both providers and users. But worth a try.

1. Take a letter from the person and see his original text:

2. Find it in the IP-address of the sender:

3. Enter it in the form on service:

15. How to find room apartment on the home phone numbers of the last feature makes an indelible impression on the women:

1. Mourners new girl to the entrance. Casually ask her home phone number;

2. In the case you go in a mobile application "Sberbank" and go to the section for the payment of MGTS;

3. Drives a phone number and find the apartment number;

4. Before you say goodbye, telling about a second cousin's uncle, who participated in the "Battle of psychics," and offering to guess her apartment number;

5. calls the desired number;

6. PROFIT !!!



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