The tallest building in the world "Dubai Tower"

In the leaked information about the height, which reaches under construction in the United Arab Emirates building "Dubai Tower» (Burj Dubai), pre-announced the world's highest. Published online information accompanies the detailed diagram. It shows the final 200 meters of the mega-structure, with comments on each level from 583 meters to 818 meters. The authors of publications claim that the information has been removed from the architectural drawings kept under strict control. It is interesting that, according to the chart, the concrete body "Dubai Tower" will end at the level of 586 meters and above the tower will pull special steel structures, turning into 50 timetrovy spire. Thus, according to Spies, "Dubai Tower" will reach 818 meters in height. General Contractor "Dubai Tower" Emaar company refused to comment on the authenticity of the published online charts. Greg Sang, the project director of "Dubai Tower", the local press reported that they "expect the appearance of the final stage of the project rumors and provocations." "I do not think it necessary to comment on the incident. I can say one thing, Emaar announced reaches 700 meters and will be even higher ».


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