Russian folk Appliances

In the court of the 21st century and only the laziest probably have not heard about all the delights of modern technology. Computer in almost every home, microprocessors crammed almost all electronic devices until the food processor. And now for the Russian reality, here, for example, a programmable calculator "Elektronika MK-152" freshest model produced in 2007.

Brief specifications:
Memory capacity of the program: 10000 bytes
The volume of registered memory: 1000 decimal, 7168 bytes
Internal disk on 524288 bytes to the file system, which has a hierarchical directory structure Scratchpad: 65536 decimal
Monochrome screen resolution: 128 x 64
3 programmable timers, one of which may be used to generate sound weight: not more than 0, 9 kg
Cost: 6200 rubles. (~ 248 $)
Impressive, is not it? Continuing a little photo with the description and the latest printer domestic production of JSC "Lenpoligrafmash»


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