Mae Musk: "As I raised the main entrepreneur of the world" The road to success billionaires mother

She is now 68 years old, and it is more in demand than other young model and starred in campaigns such big brands like Clinique and Revlon. In addition, Mei Musk - a well-known nutritionist, she lectures on healthy eating throughout the world and has published a book Feel Fantastic. And it was she - the mother of three children and grandmother of ten grandchildren. Her youngest son Kimball owns a chain of restaurants The Kitchen, her daughter Tosca - Hollywood director and producer, well, second son Ilon - one of the most well-known entrepreneurs of the world. It seems that the success - it is granted for Mae and her children, but the road to it was thorny

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overnight He may start her modeling career at age 15, and since then she has not stopped working: "I had to study hard to prove that I am not stupid, because this is how many are accustomed to think of models". Mei everywhere carried a book and kept the habit of constantly reading - even a bicycle while training


In 1989, together with the children, she moved from South Africa to Canada, in Toronto. To somehow make ends meet, Mei has worked simultaneously on five papers. She settled in the University of Toronto, the children were taught free of charge, led model courses and workshops on healthy eating, as well as a nutritionist worked. Children are also not idle: Longing after school worked in a shop, and mother Ilona helped settle at Microsoft, where her husband worked as colleagues. "The first thing we did when I received a salary - it bought the carpet on the floor to sit on it. There was no furniture, we did not - says Mei. - And with the next bought Ilona computer. So he sat at the computer on the floor. ยป

Secrets to Training
children "My children know me as a person who worked very hard. They themselves workaholics "- says Musk. She had never read them lecturing, but by example showed how not an easy path to success. At the same time, Mei says that their success - fully to their credit, but not her, "I've never helped my children. I have too much hard work, they all have

themselves. "


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