Dog and Fox in real life: best friends, conquer the inhabitants Instagrama

In a domesticated fox named Juniper, which has become famous throughout the world thanks to its mistress Jessica Instagramu appeared best friend - a dog named Moose, a cross between an Australian Shepherd and Alaskan malamute, which also sheltered at Jessica


Juniper crazy about Musa, and for days on end doing everything possible to get as much of his attention possible.

She constantly tries to lie down at the dog, because this is how the fox express love to his relatives, and behave with the things that they find their own, or who would like to get.

"Often, I walk into a room and see Musa, who is lying on the floor with a scowl, and Juniper with a smiling face, which literally sits on his head", - says Jessica


This fun pair won themselves the sea of ​​fans in the Instagram network.

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