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Many Russian celebrities believe that once they are assigned on a platform titles "kings" and "queens", that in life it is necessary to comply. Because they throw all the forces in the arrangement of their homes and apartments, trying to make their appearance as the richer and can be pretentious. And, of course, everyone wants to outdo the other colleagues in the star shop, trying to make it his home caused excitement. Let's see what comes out of it.

The interior of the apartment Kadyshevo Hope in the style of "Golden Ring»

The décor apartments known Russian singer, Nadezhda Kadyshevo, studied the Italian designer Onofrio Yukulano. According to the singer, before meeting with the designer, they were very nervous, as the "maestro" is taken to work only with those who "will be held feyskontrol»


Half took Yukulano to work. During this time he and a team of workers Shots floor parquet olive with inserts made of onyx, posted on the walls, silk wallpaper, on a path which allowed the silk cord, installed marble window sills. The walls of the loggia adjacent to the bedroom, painted in the Italian "Mediterranean style", to Hope and Alexander always wake up in a good mood. Soon, there is still a small fountain will score.

The curtains in the apartment cost a fortune, designer furniture, brought from home Yukulano and assembled by Italian workers. "I have three days refused to go anywhere, lying in the living room and admired" - was so impressed by Hope Kadysheva new design

Royal Apartment Kirkorov


What could be the interior of the apartment of the king of Russian pop music? Well, of course - the Royal! The area of ​​the apartment 260 sq.m. In addition to all present luxury, there is a sofa made from a very unusual upholstery - from eel skin by Roberto Cavalli. In general, in the interior design elements used only expensive brands: sofas of Versace from, lots of mirrors and all kinds of expensive designer items adorning the interior of the apartment Kirkorov

House Kirkorov in Moscow

In a country house of Philip Kirkorov all changed with the advent of children: Alla-Victoria and Martin. To create a family comfort singer chose the design in the style of the Italian neoclassicism. And what a family comfort without gold? Of course, no!

Leopard flat Valery Leontiev

Valery Leontiev has a property in Miami, and in Spain, apartment in Moscow and a house in Valentinovka. But it is the People's Artist of Russia in Moscow apartment and draws particular attention to the public. This three-story, but to increase the layering, the actor bought himself another and a loft, making it his cabinet.

The design worked each Leontiev, designer and architect, Paul Freedman. As we can see, the favorite color of Valery Yakovlevich - leopard! The apartment has a lot of different antiques, which creates a certain aura to it

House Stas Mikhailov -. "All for you!» B>

House Stas Mikhailov and Ina is located in the suburbs. He's big, in fact, have Mihajlovyh family also rather big, and unusual in terms of decor. The dominant color in the interior -. Black and gold

Feels many guests Mikhailov house is more like a palace.

In the living room you can see a large portrait of Ina. In the bedroom - a huge mural with two angels, keep calm spouses. Well, that, as long as the owners liked and was comfortable!

Apartment Nikolai Baskov

According to rumors, the singer paid for the repair of the apartment $ 10 million. The apartment in the center of Moscow gave him a powerful one from among the oligarchs. Now the "golden voice" has a mansion 320 sq.m. And what can we say about the design ... Two luxurious bedrooms, two large living rooms (one of them with a luxurious grand piano in the middle), two bathrooms with Jacuzzi, a huge kitchen, dressing room, office. Gilding, monogram, vintage collectible furniture, chandeliers ... even multi-level columns in the Greek style apartments set in the interior! In the lobby of the coat of arms with the initials of the singer.

Apartment Alexander Peskov

Interior design of the apartment, Alexander Peskov thought through on their own. "I love Versace, I love Greece and Rome. And now decided to somehow unite ", - said the famous parodist. The bathroom is in the spirit of the Acropolis Museum.

The frescoes on the walls, lamps, tiles - all replicas of museum exhibits, recreated with modern high-class masters-restorers (they make out the Peterhof, the Winter Palace, their work adorn the halls of the Moscow Kremlin). In the role of co-spoke designer-architect Rudolf Kindle. This results in a kind of symbiosis of style Russian palaces and luxury in the spirit of Versace, which, according to Peskov, looks very harmonious.

Castle Nikas Safronov

In the home of the artist Nikas Safronov 15 rooms. Total area - about 1,000 square meters. It is located in the city center, with its riding floor offers a panoramic view of the city hall and the Kremlin, and Novy Arbat, and the University on Sparrow Hills, Moscow, and all the high-rise.

The entire decor Nikas Safronov collected in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, together with the designer Olga Sokolova. For example, the fireplace of the XVI century - from Perugia, and carved bar of handmade once adorned the ceiling of a Spanish castle. The apartment even has a valid secret fountain, veiled in the wall.

House Anastasia Volochkova

Two years ago, the famous ballerina acquired a mansion for $ 3 million. After buying Volochkova immediately it became clear: Volochkova will make out of this house at least a palace or a new Grand Theatre


The three-storey house of a ballerina - three bedrooms, a fireplace, a dining room, several closets, four bathrooms, two boudoir, kitchen and even a billiard


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