How to cook the perfect coffee: 10 tips from someone with experience

How to cook the perfect coffee? That was the question asked by the service Ответы And I got ten tips for preparing the best coffee at home! < Website to find these councils a lot of useful!

1. Net vodaChtoby cook delicious coffee, you will need clean water. Just forget about the water from the tap if you want to get the perfect fragrant and tempting drink.

2. Not speshiteEsli you cook coffee in Turku, always turn on the stove is the smallest fire. I understand, of course, what you want the first sip can be done faster, but then rush to anything. Remember - the coffee is brewed for a long time

3.. Turk narrow gorlyshkomEsli want to cook a delicious coffee, use a Turk with a narrow neck. Then the coffee will be more fragrant.

4. Add the salt. Yes, it is a solo spoon, of course, but just 2-3 small crystallite. Felt it should not be in the taste. The trick here is that the salt in some odd way enhances the aroma. Checked personally.

5. ImbirSypte quite a bit, feel the difference, I assure you. And salt, and add the ginger, when there poured the coffee in Turku water.

6. SaharIspolzuyte brown sugar, add a little taste.

7. PomolPoeksperimentiruyte with milling. I personally like a very small, or vice versa, large. The difference in taste is felt markedly.

8. Do not let the coffee boil This is the main rule: as soon as the top formed a dense crust will actively climb - Turk remove from heat. Wait a minute, then repeat three times so. If the crust is destroyed,

9 and then all the flavor gained by it, respectively, will go and will have to start all over again.. Coffee zernahReshili to cook a delicious coffee? Use only high-quality coffee beans, just forget about the hammer. In general, I am skeptical about the people who buy such nonsense.

10. Give otstoyatsyaKak only coffee is ready, do not immediately pour into cups. Let it stand for 30 seconds at least. So he will get a smooth consistency.



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