"I need not only a favorite, I need a best friend"

It sounds nice, right? Find love. The man who can kiss. The person with whom you can spend the evening. A man who will take you by the hand during a scary movie. A man who rediscover you peace, give my heart, the person with whom you want to be the last day of the next

But to find a man -. it's scary strong > .

In today's world so many stereotypes and rules of modern relationships. "Favorite" must be beautiful, smart, reliable, romantic, in general, that the prince, which dreams of every girl, is not it? In general, it should be just the perfect person. But think about it: the perfection of love? This is unrealistic. Find your perfect mate? It is not possible.

< I do not want to be close to a perfect man. I do not want a loved one. I need a best friend.

I want someone with whom I will feel at ease. I want to wake up in the morning with disheveled hair, with circles under his eyes, in a crumpled shirt and feel completely in harmony and not worry about what I look like something is wrong.

I want someone with whom I will laugh. Who are the early morning can talk about their dreams. Who can go to travel and get into various adventures. To drink with it wine, cook breakfast together and feel you know about this person just every little thing. And he knows every your.

I want someone with whom I could speak quite frankly and openly about my past regrets and future plans. Someone who I can trust. Someone who always support me, no matter what, and I support him. Someone with whom I can crunch the biggest pack of "Lace" in front of TV, with whom I can just keep quiet alone, enjoying the fact that he was just there.

I want a best friend. I can tease, go with him somewhere to have a drink, watch "House" in the evenings. Who will tell me charming little compliments when I look good, and who sincerely say that I look terrible in those ugly jeans.

I want someone who would feel my inner feelings and moods. The one who would take me to a restaurant to talk about important things. Who would not always take full responsibility in our couple, not giving me anything to solve, arguing that the main -. He

I want someone who would tell me to take his mind, angered, but it was still my best friend.

I want to be head over heels in love with him.

Look, I think that people are wrong to believe that it is necessary to look for the perfect person, sort of a romantic prince on a white horse, like a fairy tale. < I think love - is to find his best friend. Togo, with whom you will be good in all respects, not only in the romantic.

I want a best friend, which, yes, I'm very fond of, but it is important that I have it I will truly know. And he would know me. All my flaws, quirks and oddities, but will continue to love me.

Author: Marisa Donnelly
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Preview: Igor Khrustalev

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