15 documentaries that will open you to new facets of our world

In these films, no tedious reflection and debate, they have only the facts, prepodnesёnnye as clearly and accurately. And the conclusions you already have to do themselves. One Website can promise you: after watching them you will never be the same again


1. The Ambassador, 2011

Venue "Ambassador" - Africa, where the director of the film went, inventing a legend for his visit. By connecting powerful people related to diplomacy, he officially became the Ambassador of Liberia in Central Africa. Official papers gave him access to the "holy of holies" - kopyam Diamond and Diamond himself. His official mission - opening match factory, where local people will work

. Film Brügger - virtuoso gamble, gamble, and imminent danger to the director, and all those whom he drew in this story - corrupt politicians from Africa, where cobble together a fabulous state of diplomats, business men from Europe, earning on forged documents
2. Barack 1992

The film was created over 14 months in 24 countries. In the picture there are no dialogues, voiceover, a familiar story.

The sequence of frames combined with specially written for the film music immerse the viewer and create a continuous narrative chain, opens on the screen the whole world. Frames the most remote places on the planet and industrial objects, meanings, born at the crossroads of cultures, ideas expressed exclusively cinematographic means.

The world through the eyes of two decades ago. A world that has remained in the past.

3. Into Eternity 2010

The world's first permanent storage of radioactive waste generated in Finland - it cut out of the rock. This extensive system of tunnels, where the waste can be stored 100,000 years, that is, as much remains radioactive. When the storage is full, it is sealed, never to open.

But is it possible to warn our distant descendants of the deadly danger that will represent these wastes are still many thousands of years, and to prevent the opening of a regular burial pyramids, mysterious tomb or treasure? Will the descendants understand our language and symbols left us? And if so, whether they will follow these instructions?

4. Island of Flowers 1989

Ironic, heartbreaking and cynical "saga" of a spoiled tomato: from the plantation "Nisei" (which manages the Brazilian of Japanese descent) to a supermarket, from there to the buyer the kitchen to become a sauce for pork, then in the trash, because he was unfit for food, then in a garbage truck, which drove him to the landfill "Ilya das Flores", where he was selected as food for pigs, and as a result it has become food for the Brazilian poor.

5. Life in a Day, 2011

July 24, 2010, thousands of people from around the world sent videos of his life on YouTube. They became participants of the project "Life in a Day" - historic experiment to create a documentary about a single day on earth

6.. Koyaaniskatsi 1982

«Koyaanisqatsi» - a Hopi Indian language - is a crazy life, disorderly life, life on the verge of collapse, life out of balance, life requires a change in the name of survival ... This film was created 6 years. 3 years it took to shoot. The other three years were spent Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass to write the music for the film, installation and adjustment of them to each other.

7. The Ballad of the Little Soldier, 1984Eto story of the civil war in Nicaragua between the Nicaraguan government and the CIA supported Miskito Indians. Those who remember the Sandinistas and Ollie North, should see Herzog interviews with 11-13-year-old Nicaraguan contras from among the natives.

Watching these children, dodge, when asked, clinging answers from the set of standard phrases that hammered them in the head, is shown directly and sharply. They look at the instructors from the CIA, standing behind them, when asked what is this or that phrase. Germans remember the Hitler Youth and the lies they have swallowed and repeated in so tempting-sounding slogans about the importance of which they did not have any idea.

8. Earthlings 2005

The documentary, dedicated to the subject of human to animal abuse. The film is divided into several parts, each of which affects the problems in a particular area, that generally indicates selfishness and callousness of the human race, as well as to the harmfulness of the livestock and fisheries on a global scale.

9. Expelled: Intelligence banned 2008

What's in science in the first place: the facts or the world? Is science leads to atheism? These questions attempted to answer, Ben Stein, a well-known public figure in the US, by talking to various scholars - adherents as the theory of evolution and intelligent design. He also tried to trace the possible consequences of the introduction of the idea of ​​spontaneous evolution in life and its relationship with the phenomenon of Nazism.

During his interview with Richard Dawkins it is clear that not all of these issues simply and clearly, and scientists still have much to learn about the origin of life.

10. Revealing the secrets of life, 2003Film "Revealing the secret of life" - one of the most prominent evidence of the theory of creation. Theoretical research on the transmission of information in DNA molecules drive the last nail in the coffin of the theory of natural selection and the theory of random self-reproduction.

You will also notice a biology professor Dean Kenyon being an avid evolutionist Darwinist radically changed his opinion about the emergence of life on Earth after the conducted research, but before he released his theory in a book "Biochemical predetermination", which was at the root of the erroneous (as he is admitted later), in other words, evolutionists have "lost" support in biology and genetics.

11. Fahrenheit 9/11 2004

Documentary research involvement of George W. Bush to the tragedy of September 11 ... The main theme of the film - the origins of terrorism and the events of September 11, 2001. In the film, Moore investigates the close relationship that existed between the two "clans", two generations of Bushes and bin Ladens two generations.

Author picture argues that between George HW Bush and his father Osama bin Laden, there were strong business ties. They are formed when Bush was still in office US President, for a long time supported and were broken just two months after the monstrous acts of terrorism carried out against the United States in 2001.

12. Happy people 2008

The film tells the story of the lives of the ordinary people - fishermen, hunters and their families living in a small village called Bakht belonging to the Turukhansk district. To reflect in all its glory in his film all the incredible beauty of these places and scanty, the ordinary life of the local inhabitants, the metropolitan crew lived in Bahta neither more nor less than a whole year.

13. Bridge 2006

In 2004, 24 people committed suicide, to throw off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This is a documentary with stories of several of them and the story of one man who survived after falling. The picture shows interviews with friends and relatives and video suicide themselves.

14. Faces of Death, 1993Etot sensational documentary refers to such a mysterious, frightening and many taboo phenomenon as death. The viewer is accustomed to death played out in the movie, it is proposed documentary, ad nauseam naturalistic material, where death is completely real, and the blood is not a paint. War, catastrophes, ritual murders, executions, cannibalism, death from predators teeth ... - all sorts of faces of death succeed each other in this sinister, but at the same time fascinating picture

15.. The Look of Silence 2014

In the film, the director returns to the theme of genocide in Indonesia in the period of 1965-1966 years. The story revolves around a family that survived the nightmare, which try to find out who killed their son and brother.

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