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Spring has come into its own, and the sun is ready to warm our cozy home. But are they ready to let a spring? If you are walking along the street, burst of spring mood, and the house did not feel the tidal forces, time for you to refresh your nest.

Revision Website selected for you 7 simple but very inspiring ideas for the spring home renovation.

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Start upgrade purity. Arrange wet cleaning, thoroughly ventilate all the rooms in the house, wash the windows. Ruthlessly goodbye to junk: rags, waste paper, old toys interfere house to breathe. Go through all of your debris in closets and drawers: First, you spend a pleasant time, and secondly, you feel yourself how much easier it was to breathe in the apartment

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Change the color palette changes amazing mood in the house. For spring decor is to choose a warm, fresh, morning colors - yellow, green, turquoise, mint. And it is not necessary to choose the color of the "pluck the eyes" - diluting interior soft shades, you will see how magically transformed apartment

. We are not talking about global changes such as plywood wallpaper or change the furniture. Mood not set the wallpaper, but just little things like the curtains in the kitchen, a vase of flowers and decorative pillows. Update textiles - and the house really transformed

Let the house blooms 1eab623e95.jpg

. Plant a flat potted flowers. They are not expensive, especially in the markets, as well as a feast for the eyes. The alternative - put the flowers in a vase. Fresh flowers bring real benefits to energy and environment at home:. In the apartment with flowers is always a huge amount of freshness and inspiration

By the way, there are plenty of interesting pots for flowers - and suspended, and delicate, and in the form of coconut halves. One color can transform the space beyond recognition.

Spring flowers on the walls a8cf9da821.jpg

For the brave and talented there are paints, which can always be great to paint a boring plain walls. Another, more peaceful option - interior vinyl stickers that you can buy, for example, in "Ikea" or ordered from the online store. Possible figures are multiplying every day - you can put on the wall of beautiful flowers, silhouettes of birds flying off into the distance, lush trees and everything. And finally, what can be more beautiful collage of your favorite photos on the table?

Breakfast in the garden 3185c8777f.jpg

Win-win way to zazyvaniya spring housing - breakfast in the garden, without leaving home. Wicker chairs, rustic tablecloth, high vase with flowers in the middle of the table - what could be better to create a holiday atmosphere of tranquility? Open the windows, brew herbal tea, slow your rhythm - you're done! Spring is already in your home and yourself.

Do not forget about the dishes 0414fd3d15.jpg

Dilute boring plain plate bright color accents: Treat yourself to a mug with a colored print, bright green salad bowls, glasses with multi-colored legs. You will be surprised how easy dishes asks spring mood!

Cheap changes 46df1d0df0.jpg

By the way, if you think that the decor apartment will cost a fortune, you are quite wrong. These findings for the house may be right under your nose - in a nearby store without a name, in an old trunk in the loft, his grandmother, selling knitted socks

. In addition, the famous large chain stores offer a variety of high-quality and affordable finds for your interior. The most interesting things are often right under our noses. The main thing - time to notice! Remember, he who seeks will always find

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Spring - it's time for transformation, renewal and freshness. So let's help our apartments renewed with us!

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