12 monuments that bring us back to childhood


How often we want to plunge into the magic world of our childhood, where bears are good-natured, ironic rabbits and fish sing cherished desires.

In different parts of the Russian cities the streets are decorated with wonderful sculptures kind of cartoon characters. < Website invites you to stroll through the fabulous places in Russia.

«Well, wait!" 094ce23a16.jpg

In Ramenskoye, you can see the monument to the heroes of one of the two most favorite Soviet cartoons - "Just you wait!". Past these famous characters is simply impossible to pass without a smile.

«Three from Buttermilk" f729592f81.jpg


Quotes from the cartoon "Three from Buttermilk", "Vacation in Buttermilk" and "Winter in Buttermilk" has long been on everyone's lips. We all know how to eat a sandwich with sausage and build "figvamy". The heroes of this cartoon as "live" in Ramenskoye.

«Crocodile Gena and his friends" d4d47beaed.jpg

And in 2005, a monument to the crocodile Gena and Cheburashka from the famous cartoon was opened in Ramenskoye. At the opening of the monument was attended by the author Eduard Uspensky tales.

«The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" 88101dc4a9.jpg

For those who are not ready for days to cast the net into the sea, it is advisable to go to Astrakhan. In 2011 there established their goldfish, which has become one of the symbols of the city and a happy opportunity to make a wish.

«Elijah Muromets" 7b5f2744e6.jpg

In Yekaterinburg in Tagansky park is at a crossroads bronze hero Russian epics and fairy tales - Ilya Muromets

«Princess Frog" cd9c956a49.jpg

This sculpture will not leave anyone indifferent from passers-by. The arrow in the hands (or rather, in the legs), then - Prince somewhere nearby. Sculpture Frog Princess - Kaliningrad

«The kitten in the street Lizyukova" 10cf880f04.jpg

. Another unusual and magical monument - a cat and his friend Basil Crow. The monument was erected in Voronezh in 2003. Some people believe that this is the first monument to the hero of the fairy tale in Russia. And though in the cartoon desire Crow sang in Voronezh kitten is doing - you just touch the left foot

«Horse-humpback» 13d5ce8e76.jpg


In Tobolsk in 2008, a monument to the founder of the famous fairy tale "The Humpbacked Horse" P.P.Ershovu. Here in a fantastic park and you will see Humpbacked Horse, and Ivanushka and Firebird, and sad with China Tobolsk Kremlin on his back, and even the restless king, about to dive into the milk pot.

«Thumbelina» 92daac3e41.jpg

In Kaliningrad, you can see a touching monument Thumbelina with a pair of wings strekozinyh donated elves.

«Boldly Buzzing Fly" 0cfda3b9be.jpg

Making a fabulous walk through Sochi, you can see a funny monument Fly Boldly Buzzing. Fly with a coin in his hand sits on a bench in the form of a decorative piece of pumpkin.

«The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio" 27516857a9.jpg

The monument was erected in Samara in 2013 in honor of the 130th anniversary of the birth of A. Tolstoy. Despite the fact that the monument was installed recently, there was already a happy omen - to rub the nose fairy-tale hero - for good luck. An interesting fact is that at the opening of the monument came to the actor Dmitri Joseph, whose image embodies the sculpture.

«Musicians of Bremen» 3afe80fd62.jpg



"We have called you an hour." In Khabarovsk, you can meet many heroes of this wonderful animated film: the Troubadour and the Princess and the King, and Investigators, and even the famous trio of robbers. But the donkey, dog, cat and rooster from our childhood did not like their "colleagues" from Bremen or Riga. They are true rock star.

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