The experiment on himself: how life has changed, if not complain no matter what 14 Days?

On the dangers of negative emotions for health researchers repeat the first year. Not long ago, researchers from the University of Rochester and all came to the conclusion that people are often faced with the negative, have problems with color perception of the outside world. In other words, they see everything in faded colors.

A blogger from the United States Alexis Lardis decided on their own experience to see how life can change, if the maximum fence themselves from negative emotions. She conducted an interesting experiment for two weeks did not complain to herself and others on the minor problems: congestion, fatigue, bad weather and everything else

. The outcomes of the two-week abstinence from negative Alexis shared with the publication of The Huffington Post. Revision Anews translated for you the most entertaining excerpts from the text. Read and take note of - can be useful

I realized that a little sleep

«Through this experience, I finally realized that the little sleep and did not. I get enough sleep. The rhythm of life is pushing for this, like it or not. It turned out that the reason most of my complaints is small everyday banal lack of sleep. "I'm so tired", "no matter what no strength" - against this background that I often take it out on yourself and others. Stop complaining like that, I realized what the problem - need more sleep »


Regarding the optimal duration of sleep, doctors still have not agreed. Although most still are inclined to think that you need to sleep at least 8 hours. Check whether it is true, tried 46-year-old Briton Sarah Chalmers. Female experiment conducted with a starring: sleep at 4, 6 and 8 hours a day. How did the change in sleep time on the health and appearance of the ladies, can be read here.

< I began to argue less and ponder your words

«I noticed how all say stupid things people. When my fiance said something, which I did not agree, I did not enter into a meaningless argument as before. Through this I have learned to think about the word before to say something. From kindergarten told us: think first, then talk. How many times I have neglected this advice! »

I was "quieter»

«On the whole, the experience was positive, I stopped complaining and eventually I was able to look at the Me and revise views on many things. But there was another moment. For example, one day when I came home in the evening tired, rather than to discuss problems with my fiance and a friend who was visiting, I just went to bed. I went to bed earlier than usual. But on a positive note. It was unusual and strange. »

Negative - part of our consciousness

«During all the time I refrained from any everyday complaints, I suddenly realized that without negative thinking person can not. It is part of our consciousness. Yes, I did not complain, did not tell others that what I was angry. However, to be honest, I did not cease to keep thinking about it in my head. And you know, I realized that negative thoughts are harmful no less than the habit of complaining about everything. »

If negative thoughts develop into strong emotions, experts do not recommend them to contain. Although no consensus on this matter (to suppress feelings or give them the will) is not formed in the scientific community, the majority of scientists are inclined to the first option. For example, researchers from the University of Jena (Germany) believe that the artificial suppression of emotions negatively affect heart rate.

< No complaints learn philosophical attitude to life

«In their attempts to transform the negative energy that kopilas in me, in a positive, I began to pray more often refer to God. And, you know, thanks to this new experience, I really felt a lifting of the spirit. "

«Something bad happens in everyone's life. And when I have something unpleasant happened - fatigue due to lack of sleep, broken cell phone, problems with the car - I usually just complain. What this means - yes to anything. In fact, everything is easier: there are good days and there are bad. And the reaction to the circumstances depends on the specific point of view of the person ", - concluded Alexis

. Exception habit to complain about everything from their daily schedule - not the only thing that can make life easier to them more pleasant. According to writer and researcher from the United States Travis Bradbury, enclose yourself from negativity and emotional problems will also refusal to communicate with the "toxic" people who are found in any environment.

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